Param Call Tracker - Mobile monitoring by saving incoming and outgoing calls of your mobile to your computer

Param Call Tracker is a mobile monitoring application to keep record of both incoming and outgoing calls with advanced details like duration, location, person name, etc. All call details are sent to your email account as Excel CSV file on a daily basis. Each call detail includes location details of the person as well. Since call details are saved to your computer as Excel files, you can manage the database of both incoming and outgoing calls easily. This application can be used by various business houses to monitor skill development of trainees, track calls of their staff and measure their productivity. It can be used by logistics and retail companies to track the movement of delivery boys, truck drivers, etc. Sales and telemarketing companies with field staff can use them to monitor calls of their team in a centralized fashion. It is also useful for measuring the productivity of customer support and customer relationship teams.

Param Call Tracker lets you distinguish pro-active employees from lazy ones by running as an app in each mobile. Today, most employees either work on the field or work from home rendering CCTV in your office building useless. However, our software does what CCTV cannot do for workers/marketers on the field because it runs on the cell phone. Mobile monitoring is becoming a norm for better workforce management.

Param Call Tracker for family improvement
  • Parental control tool to monitor kids, teenagers and adolescents via mobile monitoring.
  • Elderly care tool - enables you to monitor senior citizens, dementia patients.
  • Ensure safety of kids, Girls, young women living in hostels far away from parents via mobile monitoring.
  • First download Param Call Tracker onto your mobile.
  • If you have not installed any application on your mobile phone before, Contact us for support
  • Once Param Call Tracker is installed in your phone, it will start mobile calls monitoring in the background.
  • You make receive some phone calls or make outgoing calls for testing mobile monitoring feature.
  • You will have to provide your email address in the setting screen to receive the call log file. Mobile monitoring via email is the core feature of Param Call Tracker.
  • After some 24 hours or if a day has passed around 12am, you will receive an email containing list of all phone calls in Excel format to your email account.
  • You may also click on the "call log" button in the app to view the log in your phone to confirm mobile calls monitoring works as expected. It assumes you have some Excel viewer in your phone like Polaris Viewer.
  • Call Tracking runs as a service in the background to do mobile calls monitoring - You can test that by rebooting the phone several times and saving of call details will happen automatically.
We have commercial versions to suit a wide variety of businesses be it real-estate, logistics, retailers, etc. However, for first time users, we you recommend you purchase "Starter Pack" for two employees so that you understand how it works. By using Starter Pack you can use the system to manage data from two employees.
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