People Tracker is a tech company in telematics offering solutions in vehicle tracking, asset tracking, fleet management across India. The company has over 12500+ subscribers and does custom-based technology assisted solutions for its enterprise customers. The company has support infrastructure in 29 Indian Cities. The company has tracked more than 16.29 crore kms in last 6 months. The company plans on increasing its customer base to 200,000 in next 18 months. We believe in small solutions (using technology, imagination and design) to big everyday problems. These simple solutions, applied in new ways, can have powerful results creating products that can make a happier, safer, efficient world. We believe the future is to connect things, people and even cars like never before.

Ultimate Tracker Details

People Tracker provides you complete information including driver’s route, speed information, Stoppage time, and total transit time on the main page after login. Detailed information can be obtained by generating individual or group report. The system contains dynamic map empowered by Google with various views. Crystal clear street names, landmarks are visible with 100% zoom facility.

Uses latest GSM/GPRS Module

This module is very useful to obtain up to date information online. With the help of GSM/GPRS module, we can send data real time. It can be easily accessed on the internet enabled any device as a PC, mobile phone, PDA etc.

User Friendly

User-friendly controls for monitoring the activities of the vehicle tracked are a value addition to the already existing features of People Tracker. It comprises:

1. Vehicle Location Request: Receive current location, speed and direction at a click of the mouse.

2. Vehicle Location History Request: Access historical location and event history just by selecting the date and time of the trip/journey.

3. Fastest Speed of the Day: The fastest speed of the current day (in excess of a preset speed threshold) is indicated to you.

4. Vehicle Details: Details of the vehicle in transit can be obtained at a click of the mouse.