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About us

Global giants like Amazon, Ebay, etc have benefitted from advanced ecommerce tools but they have invested billions of dollars of money to develop them. In fact, every SMB(small medium businesses) from any industry(be it food, retail, travel, etc) can actually benefit in some way or the other if they get access to similar e-commerce tools and learn to implement them. We, at Param Projects, help SMBs to achieve these goals by providing indigenously developed tools so that SMB can reap some benefits without spending billions of dollars. Sometimes, our solutions require companies to change existing business models, change the way they interact with customers, develop new methods to capture leads and convert them, etc. We strive to build a long-term relationship with entrepreneurs rather than look at them as mere clients. Our web development and enterprise consulting unit help small / medium or large businesses around the world make use of web, mobile and Ecommerce technologies to boost their business model and increase profits. We have mentored various kinds of entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds to achieve this goal. We have been developing cutting edge e-commerce technologies and providing products/solutions for a wide variety of businesses ranging from retail to entertainment sector. We have handled more than 600 clients globally during the last 6 years but majority of them are from North America, Europe and Australia. We ventured into Android mobile application development with the launch of our product named Param Call Tracker - it’s an app to save incoming and outgoing call details of your mobile to your computer via Email and other means. It can help organizations by saving all call details of staff into an Excel file so that top management could organize their business and improve productivity. We already have 10000 customers using Param Call Tracker - Personal edition all over the globe within a few months after the launch of the product.
Mobile calls tracking of employees, surveillance and performance monitoring
We have launched this mobile app to export phone call logs of hundreds of people to a centralized location such as head office in a seamless way. This can help companies keep track of every mobile call of all employees from a centralized location, do performance monitoring/analytics, improve security, surveillance, etc. This can also improve security for VIPs and high value business units as well.