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Cloud Integration with CMS/Drupal/Ecommerce platforms

If you have been running a website for a few years in Drupal or any CMS or ecommerce platform, you might be getting heavy traffic due to your SEO initiatives or maybe due to overall growth of your company/organization. If your server is crashing or if you are loosing ecommerce revenues/sales due to server overload, then we have an enterprise-grade solution for you.

You need not worry about upgrading/migrating your webserver or about downtime due to migration, we have a very powerful solution that can offload your traffic to cloud server without causing any downtime to your website.

Switch to Cloud Hosting - How?

If you are running a large drupal website or any CMS-based website, switching to cloud hosting is not as simple as migrating your hosting to cloud hosting company. You need to plan what parts of your website, say images, css, flash, audio/video have to put on the cloud. We have developed the tools or cloud middleware to make it extremely quick, seamless and safe for you.

How does our cloud middleware work?

Our middleware runs in the server where drupal or CMS/ecommerce platform is hosted and does the following:

  • Copy the most frequently used images, css, media files to the cloud servers automatically
  • Monitors your filesystem for changes in files used by your website and copy them to the cloud(rackspace cloud files, Amazon S3, EC2) as soon as they are modified
  • Rewrites the urls of your media content so that files are served from the cloud rather your main server
  • Can be configured to use/switch between various cloud hosting companies be it - Amazon, Rackspace or several popular ones.


Benefits of our Cloud Middleware

  • Improves loading speed by drastically reducing your loading time of your website
  • Your loading time does not increase even your traffic increases during say, holiday season be it Christmas, New year
  • Ecommerce sites will be able to handle bumper sales/traffic during peak shopping season


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