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Client websites in Drupal (Pick of the pack)

Given below is an example of how we have implemented complex ecommerce and ebusiness features for a medical supplies company.

ecommerce site for a huge medical supplies company

Medical Supplies ecommerce

Ecommerce website for a large medical supplies company with a huge catalog of products, numerous categories, brands..

automated auction website related to real-estate

Auction/Bidding site

Users sell real-estate related products via auction sale

Social networking site

Similar to digg - users post articles, videos, vote up/down..

Nature Publishing site

Leading publishing site about wild life, nature, etc. with news, search, archives..

E-learning courses

Courses with payment integration for the finance/stock market

Music marketplace website

Enables artists around the world to publish and sell music files. Sale revenues are split between the siteowner and artists

Drupal Services/projects

We are a web development company based in Chennai specializing in drupal CMS with vast experience in handling hundreds of clients in USA, UK and around the world. We handle 5 to 10 drupal (powerful PHP-based Content managment System[CMS]) projects per month. We can provide you professional PSD to theme/skin conversion, ecommerce/ubercart module customization, AJAX integration, themes with great-looking drop-down menus, etc. We handle complete website development right from design, development, hosting, server management/administration to SEO.

Drupal for Business Community

Our team under the mentorship of our founder, Mr. Parameshwar Babu provide drupal-based solutions to various entrepreneurs and companies of diverse backgrounds like:

  • Real Estate
  • Finance
  • Media/Entertainment industry
  • Medicine
  • Hospitality
  • Garment/Fashion


...and many more from different countries around the world. During the year 2007 to early 2009, we handled nearly 200 technology projects to enable a wide variety of entrepreneurs reap profits from E-commerce and other modern technologies. 

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