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News Alert - iframe trojan horses in Facebook

Some anti-virus companies have found applications for Facebook, which deliberately exploit the vulnerability in Adobe Reader to install scareware. It seems that the providers of such applications have become a victim of the same attack.
The first findings show that the attack is carried out by the applications for the Facebook frame containing embedded IFrames who take the malicious code from more and more servers. If you have an outdated version of system Adobe Reader reader, the code infects a computer program, giving as a tool of protection. This, in turn, warns of bogus security problems, because of the need to buy the full version.
It's reported that following apps have been infected with iframe virus:

     * City Fire Department
     * MyGirlySpace
     * Ferrarifone
     * Mashpro
     * Mynameis
     * Pass-it-on
     * Fillinthe
     * Aquariumlife

Such applications, reputation is becoming increasingly popular social networking should raise doubts for other reasons. To answer the urgent question, "Which of the characters in the Simpsons are You?", Applications, first ask the user to allow access to your account. If the user allows it, they have a view of all data collected by the user, and so is his public name, email address and so on. As the management powers of Facebook and the company does not foresee any reduction in that state of affairs, malicious applications may be in someone else's behalf and send messages or to steal private data of all the friends who trusted a particular person solely because that really know her well. Such insight into the data is usually not limited in time, each game or a quiz, which, although once you are on the list of approved programs, will remain there until you delete them yourself.

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