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Drupal hosting

Common issues with Drupal hosting

Most of shared hosting plans offered by popular hosting companies are suited for static HTML sites. Even if they support PHP, you may have to face endless headaches after you install Drupal or another CMS for that matter. CMS may install and run smoothly for a few days, initially. Drupal or any other CMS may install right away but problems will arise after a few weeks or a few months. Some common problems are listed below:
  • You get 500 or Internal server errors
  • You get a blank screen while doing certain operations in Drupal(it can happen with Joomla, Wordpress, etc.)
  •  Blank screen or 500 internet server error after installing some modules

Why Drupal or CMS code fail to work with certain hosts

 Many hosting mention various features and limits in their hosting plan but they fail to mention important limit with regard to drupal/cms hosting. Here are some important hosting limits not revealed EXPLICITLY to the end-users by most shared hosting companies:

  • RAM memory made available to each account for a given plan
  • Allocated RAM for PHP code
  • CPU usage limit/cap in terms of percentage

 So before purchase a hosting plan, try to calculate your RAM/CPU power needed and find out if your hosting company can deliver that before you sign up!!!